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Deadline: JUNE 1st. A hero can also be someone brave, cares for someone, loves someone. Example: Like Superman, Spiderman, the Incredible, etc. My hero is my parents, because they would do anything to help me, or risk their lives for me or one of my other sisters. So my hero is my parents.

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My hero has helped me with problems, with homework, and other things. Example: helping me with math homework, helping me when I fell down the stairs a few times, and helping me when I went to the hospital, so this is why I picked my parents to be my heroes. My hero, well my mom was born in Ontario, lived with her mom, dad, sister, and brother. My other hero was born in St-Colomban, lived with his mom, dad, and brother. My mom was the quiet person, she loved her family very much.

My dad was the type of person who would work at a young age like 15 years old. He would work with his dad with the horses, and digging holes.

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So these are my hero, and they will always be with me. Written by : Veronique. Essays on Heroism. The antagonist will provide obstacles and complications and create conflicts that test the protagonist, thus revealing the strengths and weaknesses of the protagonist's character. The earliest known examples of a protagonist are found in Ancient Greece. At first, dramatic performances involved merely dancing and recitation by the chorus. Then in Poetics , Aristotle describes how a poet named Thespis introduced the idea of one actor stepping out and engaging in a dialogue with the chorus.

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This was the invention of tragedy, and occurred about B. Sophocles then wrote plays that included a third actor. A description of the protagonist's origin cited that during the early period of Greek drama, the protagonist served as the author, the director, and the actor and that these roles were only separated and allocated to different individuals later.

In Ancient Greece, the protagonist is distinguished from the term "hero", which was used to refer to a human who became a semi-divine being in the narrative. Euripides ' play Hippolytus may be considered to have two protagonist. Phaedra is the protagonist of the first half, who dies partway through the play.

Her stepson, the titular Hippolytus, assumes the dominant role in the second half of the play. The young woman, Hilda Wangel, whose actions lead to the death of Solness, is the antagonist. In Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet , Romeo is the protagonist.

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He is actively in pursuit of his relationship with Juliet, and the audience is invested in that story. Tybalt, as an antagonist, opposes Romeo and attempts to thwart the relationship. In Shakespeare's play Hamlet , Prince Hamlet, who seeks revenge for the murder of his father, is the protagonist.

The antagonist would be the character who most opposes Hamlet, Claudius though, in many ways, Hamlet is his own antagonist. Sometimes, a work will have a false protagonist , who may seem to be the protagonist, but then may disappear unexpectedly. The character Marion in Alfred Hitchcock 's film Psycho is an example.

A novel that contains a number of narratives may have a number of protagonists.

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Alexander Solzhenitsyn 's The First Circle , for example, depicts a variety of characters imprisoned and living in a gulag camp. In some cases, the protagonist is not a human: in Richard Adams ' novel Watership Down , a group of anthropomorphised rabbits, led by the protagonist Hazel, escape their warren after seeing a vision of its destruction, starting a perilous journey to find a new home.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Protagonist disambiguation. The main character of a creative work.

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