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Between the three of them, she surpassed both her sisters in beauty. Psyche was even compared to Venus.

Many things that once belonged to the goddess were given to her - a simple mortal. Venus was mad, and sent her son, cupid to make her fall for the ugliest, most despicable creature on earth; but before he could do that, he fell in love with her.

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Cupid had told Apollo the situation, and when Psyche's father went to go seek the oracle because no husband was found for his beautiful daughter, Apollo told him that she had to wait on a hilltop and, there a winged serpent would make her his. So she wept and with sorrow she waited at the top of the hill, while doing so, she felt like she was suspended from the land and taken to a beautiful garden.

When she woke up the next day, she heard voiced that spoke to her, yet she saw no one, the voices led her to a beautiful palace, and told her it was all hers. There her unseen husband dwelt. One day he warned her about her sisters and how she should be kept unseen.

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You will be able to use your book on this section only. What was his reward for successfully completing them?

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One of the most well-known Greek myths is that of Icarus and Daedalus. Assume that the myth is attempting to make a point that is relevant to people in general, about life in general. What would the moral of that myth be? How does it apply to mankind today as well as any other time period? Monsters frequently play important parts in these myths.

Find three myths in which monsters have prominent roles and explain how the heroes of each myth defeat the creatures, what power the monsters have, and what rewards the heroes receive after conquering the mythical demons. Unit Exam: Mythology Mr. Rose 5.

Explain how Greek mythology differs from primitive mythology and Greek mythology? Be as specific as possible. Why might we be more interested in Greek mythology than primitive or Egyptian mythology? Choose one myth not mentioned in these essay questions and write a synopsis of the story, being as detailed and specific as possible.

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Be sure to write in present tense. You should be prepared to use quotations directly from the book in your responses.

These will be the subjects of the six short answer questions Unit Exam: Mythology Mr. Related documents. Minor Proj Vocab.

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Mythology Unit Exam Study Guide. Mythology Presentation In order to help your classmates prepare for. English 9 Greek Mythology Research Paper. Heracles Socratic seminar questions. Grading Rubric for Mythology Presentations.

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