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Research is often a collaborative effort between undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty using an inquiry-based approach to generate new knowledge. Research allows students to take learning beyond the classroom. Students who participate in undergraduate research gain many skills that they might not otherwise acquire from classroom instruction:. Undergraduate researchers gain a deeper understanding of their chosen field not only by actively participating in it, but through mentoring relationships with faculty and graduate students.

Undergraduate research helps students clarify career goals by identifying passions and a better perspective on what it means to be a professional the field. As a result, student researchers are more likely to be satisfied with their undergraduate education and continue on to graduate or professional school. Finally, it can be a lot of fun.

You generate new knowledge, meet interesting people, and undergraduate researchers generate new knowledge, meet interesting people, and they might even get paid for doing it.


Students are not necessarily required to conduct research in their major department. Check with departmental advisors to verify degree requirements for undergraduate research. Students are encouraged to follow their passion and contact several faculty in their area of interest to explore opportunities. The office of Research Compliance and Biosafety RCB is responsible for providing training and support to faculty, students, and staff in regulatory requirements for research. Projects may require approval through Research Compliance and Biosafety committees if they involve:.

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Barbara Dover doverb tamug. A capstone is defined as a year-long integrative experience that allows students to combine their career goals, majors, and interests in faculty-mentored independent projects that focus on leadership, research, community service, or teaching. Select Web or People Web People. Search Icon. Learning Commons.

Who We Are. Contact Us Lene H. Financial resources available to support academic year and summer faculty-mentored research at TAMUG. To be eligible for support, the student must: 1. Be a presenting author 2. Provide the following: a. External Undergraduate Research Opportunities. Undergraduate Research FAQ.

Students who participate in undergraduate research gain many skills that they might not otherwise acquire from classroom instruction: Writing, data collection, and analysis Teamwork, problem solving, time management, and effective communication Undergraduate researchers gain a deeper understanding of their chosen field not only by actively participating in it, but through mentoring relationships with faculty and graduate students.

There are many reasons why an undergraduate researcher might need training. Additional trainings may be required depending on the nature of your project. Additional Resources. Siebel Learning Center. Campus Life. Doctoral Dissertation, University of Illinois at Chicago. Ma, H. Maclean, H. Technology use in California community college ESL classrooms. Doctoral Dissertation, Pepperdine University. Parrilla, L. Doctoral Dissertation, Walden University. Robles, A.

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Alvarez Valencia, J.

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El Omari, S. The impact of computer assisted language learning adhering to the national standards for foreign language learning: A focus on modern standard Arabic at the university level. Enciso Bernal, A. Effects of text, audio and learner control on text-sound association and cognitive load of EFL learners. Doctoral Dissertation, Arizona State University. Graham, L. English language learning in Mexico: A case study of implementing problem based learning into a technology enhanced writing curriculum.

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Hamilton Cobb, F. Hartmann, C. Jay, C. Impact of mathematics computer-assisted instruction on English language learner achievement. Doctoral Dissertation, University of Arkansas. Kieliszek, M. Vocabulary through affixes and word families: A computer-assisted language learning program for adult ELL students. Li, M. Small group interactions in wiki-based collaborative writing in the EAP context.

Doctoral Dissertation, University of South Florida. Luft, S. Dialogic learning and collaboration through video chat in two first-grade classrooms. Doctoral Dissertation, Fordham University. Mehring, J. An exploratory study of the lived experiences of Japanese undergraduate EFL students in the flipped classroom. ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Open.

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Computer assisted language learning for learning English in Saudi Arabia. Doctoral Dissertation, University of Technology, Sydney.