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She calls out to the man on the street He can see she's been cryin' She's got blisters on the soles of her feet She can't Oh, just think twice, it's just another day For you and me in paradise Oh, yes think twice, it's just another day For you, you and me in paradise Just think about it, just think about it.

Difficulties of teaching English to native Bengali speakers

Oh Lord, is there nothing more anybody can do? Oh Lord, there must be You can tell from the lines on her face You can see that she's been there Oh, yes think twice, it's just another day For you and me in paradise Oh, yes think twice, it's just Teacher asks students to brainstorm on Phil Collins by telling where he lives and the issues that he raises in his songs.

Teacher gives students the gapped text and then students listen the song to the tape and fill in the gaps. Students are asked to work in group to propose solutions to solve the problem of homelessness in Senegal in the coming rainy seasons. Colleagues who attended this class fully appreciate it as students were really interested in it.

However they suggested that the text was too long and that can make students lose the track when listening to the song. They advise next time to choose short songs , they seem to be more manageable for students in the 4 th form. Number of students : 54 Boys : 30 girls : Objectives : at the end of this lesson students should be able to:. Don't throw the bottle away. He grasps the concepts so quickly! You are among friends. He keeps insisting on that.

Problems Faced by Pakistani Students in Learning English Language

It's tidy and carefully done. I'd like a glass of water, please. I didn't do anything wrong. Did you stay up all night?

1.3 The Research Objectives

He's rarely so pessimistic! Look at him! Students are asked to fill in the gap with adjectives and then find the opposites of the adjectives and place them in the chart. Chart 1.

Students are asked to fill in the gap of the sentences with names of colours and then complete the chart. Chart 2. The study includes two questionnaires: one destined to English teachers and the other to students of the fourth form level. Both questionnaires aim to assess teachers' and learners' perceptions of songs and games teaching in their working conditions. In the teachers' questionnaires, respondents are requested to spell out their point of views by ticking one of the right boxes.

As for students, their questionnaire aimed to rate activity effectiveness or ineffectiveness among the most currently used ones. The study involved a sample population of people male and female operating as teachers or students in different secondary schools of Senegal. In order to have a comprehensive picture of the impact of songs and games in ELT in the 4 th form in the Senegalese context, the data will be presented and analysed in a systematic way.

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Firstly the teachers' data will be presented and analysed from both quantitative and qualitative views. Then students' data will follow the same procedures. Finally teachers' and students' data will be compared to gauge the impact of songs and games in ELT in the Senegalese context. Out of 60 handouts given to teachers only 50 have been returned; so we have collected the data in the first table. For the questionnaire the analysis is carried out question after question.

If we consider the first question we can see that the great majority of teachers use songs and games in their classes. Here we can state that options are diverse but we must not lose sight that most of them focus on grammar. From the answers we can notice that many teachers believe that designing songs and games is too demanding. The conclusion we can draw here is that most teachers do these activities at the end of the lesson as they do not think they can be integral lessons. So they use them most of the time as fillers or routine breakers. Teachers find them so encouraging and motivating that using songs and games in English language teaching is vital for students to participate efficiently in the class.

When taking into account the answers of the teachers we can acknowledge that today teachers tend to use group work to encourage participation of all the students. If we look at the table we will see that the percentage that uses regularly group work is more numerous than the one who use solo work. The conclusion we draw here is that teachers have great problems to manage their classes when it comes to dealing with these activities.

Sometimes it is impossible to perform these activities in tiny classrooms. Out of 60 handouts given; only 55 were returned; these data are in the second table. We see here that the great majority of students do songs and games in their classes. When students answers this question we can take it for granted that students find songs and games very interesting and they help them a lot in their studies. For this question they answer yes which means that songs and games give them joyful mood and they put them in a better condition learn happily.

Students work most of the time together which facilitate real life communication situations.

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  5. Students do no longer work in isolation and this make them communicatively competent. Songs and games really help students to discover and memorize new words easily. | Science, health and medical journals, full text articles and books.

    Most students really appreciate songs and games because they enhance their desire to learn English. Students state that they meet sometimes difficulties but these difficulties are minor difficulties but most of the time songs and games work well and there is no real impediment preventing them from understanding.

    As we can see in the data we can say that the teachers of English in Senegal use songs and games in their classes in their daily activities. This can be accounted for by the fact students tell that they do them frequently with teachers. Songs and games really permit real life situations. Teachers use songs and games in their classes for various and different reasons. There are some teachers who use them for grammatical purpose; others use them for vocabulary reasons and some others for just fun. It still remains that teachers perform them to achieve their aims. Teachers as well as students find songs and games very interesting and motivating because they can draw lots of information on them.

    According to the teachers songs and games help students to master in a very quickly way for instance the nouns of animals. In this respect they are very informative and constructive.

    Writing the Thesis

    Even if some teachers find sometimes designing songs and games can be a tedious task to perform; students fully appreciate games in class as they find them pleasurable. We notice today that songs and games are performed through pair work or group work in order to increase participation of students and prevent at the same time inhibition.

    When making a cross analysis of results we see that teachers and students have nearly the same opinion as far as the questions they are asked are concerned. They all acknowledge that songs and games are really important and vital to English Language Teaching. As the data of the table show, students as well as teachers have nearly the same point of views as far as the impact of songs and games in English Language Teaching is concerned. Nearly all of whom, favour positively the implementation of songs and games in the English language teaching.

    Teachers and students who answered questions in the questionnaires state that songs and games help a lot in their activities even tough there a certain number of difficulties they meet from time to time. To wipe away all the problems and difficulties that we face when using songs and games, we think it necessary to propose recommendations to teachers of English, to students, to educational authorities and to dear parents so that in the future English teaching should be more efficient and constructive.

    It is really important for teachers to make use of songs and games in their classes if they really want to promote their students communicative capacities. We must not lose sight of the fact that when using songs and games in our classes, we give students sense of self confidence and it is only by being self-confident can students express themselves freely and without constraint. It is an imperative to assert that today teachers should not only worry about the success of their students in exams.

    What is important is that the teachers of English should strain every nerve so that their students use the English language without any difficulties. This can only be achieved when they are more aware that songs and games are really an opportunity for them to promote communicative skills. Accuracy is important in a language but the new trend favours fluency.

    Fluency can be developed in the learners of English if the teachers use songs and games regularly in classes. It is a necessity for students to understand that English is a language that should not be neglected for so many reasons. If students want really to have a high command of the language, following his or her teacher in the daily activities is extremely important.

    As we show it in the data so many teachers use songs and games not only to motivate their students, but they also use them to teach grammar, vocabulary and so on. So, this shows that following songs and games in class is part of their learning.